Side Effects Of Low Testosterone

The Effects Of Low Testosterone

Think you’re suffering from low testosterone levels? For a man hard in training in his workout program or just going about his regular day to day life, wanting to feel and function optimally, testosterone is going to play a very key role.

This hormone is basically what makes you a man and what separates you from low-tyour girlfriend, wife, or female co-worker.

Without it, you just won’t be feeling like yourself – and you could be setting yourself up for some serious health problems as well.

Let’s walk you through some of the most common effects that low testosterone levels will have in each area of your health so that you can be more aware of whether this is in fact an issue for you.

Strength And Physical Effects 

The very first influence that testosterone is going to have on you is your physical and strength levels. Those who are low in this hormone are going to notice they feel far weaker than they normally do, muscle tone can also start to diminish.

After periods of exertion, exercising, or even running upstairs, you will find that your recovery takes much longer and that you are unable to maintain such exertion for as long as you used to.

Health Effects 

On the health side of things, men who have lower levels of testosterone are more likely to start accumulating excess body fat, especially as they lose lean muscle mass.

This excess weight can then increase their risk for developing heart disease, strokes, diabetes, as well as even cancer.

In addition to that, it’s also going to impact your mood and could go on to increase the risk that you suffer from depression.

Sexual Effects 

The next area that low testosterone levels are going to have a very noticeable impact is with your sex life.

Young coupleMen who suffer from low testosterone levels are going to notice that they don’t have the normal sex drive they usually do and just don’t desire sexual interactions as much.

In addition to that, even when they do, they may start to experience issues, either with maintaining an erection or reaching the point of orgasm.

If you are having problems in the bedroom, there is a very good chance that it is correlated to low testosterone levels.

So as you can see, low testosterone is going to virtually impact every single element of your overall well-being.

It also is responsible for helping you maintain a favorable mood and keeping your normal aggressive nature that makes you go after what you want in life, whether it be with your career or personal relationships.

The great news is that if you are suffering from low testosterone, there are many ways you can go about helping this situation, so you don’t have to keep suffering if you don’t want to.

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