Causes Of Erection Problems

Why Am I Struggling To Get An Erection

Erectile dysfunction is ( in general terms) the inability or difficulty experienced by a man in achieving or maintaining an erection to enable him to have sexual intercourse.

It has many causes, but the end results are the

An erection develops when the spongy tissues (Corpora Cavernosa) in the penis fill with blood.. this makes them swell and as they grow the penis becomes hard and erect. once the penis is full of blood a membrane called the Tunica Albuginea holds the blood in place to allow intercourse. the blood is then not released until after ejaculation.

If the blood flow into the penis is weak or non existent, the penis will fail to become erect… This is officially known as Erectile Dysfunction.

Experts tell us that at least 22% of men aged 40 and over suffer from occasional bouts of ED, this figure rises to 49% once they reach 60 years old

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many causes of erection difficulties… in the younger male, nerves, anxiety, (especially when with a new partner) depression and alcohol can cause the problem

As we get older, other causes can include blood pressure problems, low testosterone levels, and even conditions like diabetes and other blood related issues can cause ED.

Blood Flow is the key – the better the blood flow, the better the erection

Drug Based Treatments

14971464-pills-and-magnifying-glass-search-proper-medicine1-300x200The most famous drug treatment for ED is Viagra – a chemical based drug that simply generates an increased amount of nitric oxide in the body, this helps to relax and open the blood vessels, allowing a greater supply of blood to flow into the penis. Originally developed to help treat cases of Angina, its erection boosting effects was soon recognised as a worthwhile and additional benefit.

There are several issues with Viagra… although it can be really effective in some users, it has also been linked with some quite nasty and potentially dangerous side effects, this is why it is only Legally available on prescription by a registered Doctor.

Users of Viagra have reported side effects ranging from mild headaches, anxiety and tinittus through to vision problems and even heart attacks and strokes..

If you are prescribed Viagra, please be aware that its effects do take around an hour to take effect… its not an instant fix and for this reason it can spoil the spontaneity of sexual enjoyment.

Natural Erection Enhancing Supplements

In the younger man, its often blood flow that has been reduced for one of jamesmany reasons, if you are 35 or under, there are a good number of effective naturally formulated Viagra type substitutes that deliver the same results as the prescription drug, but without the risky side effects ( or the embarrassing doctors consultation).

For guys over 35, a main cause of ED is reduced testosterone levels, this has a marked effect on many things, sex drive, muscle tone and strength being three key effects

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